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Another Kylie Jenner Lip Imitation Attempt Went Terribly Wrong

Unless you can swing $350 or more for legitimate lip fillers, it might be time for people to stop trying to emulate reality TV star Kylie Jenner’s infamously pouty lips.

Last week, Australian woman Brittany Forster was left looking like a bee sting victim after she sucked her lips swollen with a “lip enhancer.” This week, part-time model Gail Scott left herself with a bruise around her mouth after she sucked into a hairspray lid, Mail Online reports. Both women were looking for a low-cost way to attain that Jenner-esque pout.

The lip tool Forster used cost $30, but Scott didn’t feel like dropping the cash for it. So, against all sound instincts, she sucked into the opening of an empty hairspray can until her lips tingled.

She was thrilled when she first removed the can and her lips were puffed up. But five minutes later, a deep bruise began to form around her mouth.

“I look like I’ve been punched in the mouth,” she told Mail Online. “Apart from the pain, the dark bruising above my mouth looks like a moustache. I feel ridiculous and I haven’t wanted to leave the house since. I thought I was saving money but its cost me a fortune in makeup trying to cover it up.”

“It wasn’t that I was unhappy with my lips," she said. "I’ve never had an issue with them, but I liked the way enhanced lips look, especially around the Cupid's bow."

Of course, she wouldn’t try her get-puffed-quick scheme again if given the chance.

“I thought I’d saved money but it’s probably cost me that in foundation trying to cover it,” she says. "I want other women to know the dangers, it’s not worth it. I was lucky not to burst a blood vessel because since I posted my warning I’ve heard that can happen.”

Sources: Mail Online,

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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