'Anna Rexia' Halloween Costume: Tasteless or Funny?


The Village Voice reports that Ricky's NYC in New York City has dropped its controversial 'Anna Rexia' costume because of outcries fromactivists that it mocks eating disorders. 

The costume features a black mini-dress, glittery skeleton design, headband, choker,  'Anna Rexia' badge and a belt that looks like a measuring tape.

William Walters, of the National Eating Disorders Association, told the Village Voice: "It makes light of something really serious... It's hard for us to find it funny. It makes light of something really serious."

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After an angry reaction online to the dress this morning, Ricky's NYC removed the item from its shelves.

A Ricky's spokesman told the Village Voice that "the store wasn't supposed to be selling the Anna Rexia costume anymore."

On the costumer's web site, the product description read: "Make no bones about it - this dress will spark some conversations."

For more information about eating disorders and where to seek help, visit www.eatingdisordersonline.com


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