Humane Society Employee Eric Antunes Photographed Himself Having Sex with Girlfriend's Dog

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A man who worked for the Humane Society and was arrested this month for possessing child pornography is now being accused of having sex with his girlfriend’s dog and photographing the abuse.

This week, police in Clearwater, Florida, received a tip that Eric Antunes was holding onto child pornography. When they arrived at his house and questioned the accused, Antunes admitted to downloading and viewing kiddy porn – he even turned his hard drive over to police.

What the forensics experts searching his hard drive discovered was even more disturbing than anticipated.

Antunes was indeed in possession of child pornography – nine photos and one video to be precise. But he also had several images of bestiality that turned out to be cell phone photos shot by Antunes himself, according to the Daily Mail.

Spokeswoman for Clearwater law enforcement, Elizabeth Watts, told the Tampa Times that the photos depicted Antunes raping a pit bull owned by his girlfriend Katerina Williamson.

Ms. Williamson, who also works for the Humane Society, was appalled to discover her boyfriend’s abuses. Her boss, Twilia Cole, told the press that Antunes worked for their animal shelter on a limited basis, and that he was never permitted to work with animals unsupervised.

Antunes has been charged with 10 counts of possessing child porn. The investigators familiar with the case are pushing for an animal cruelty charge to be added to the indictment, though the Pasco-Pinellas State Attorney’s Office has yet to do so.

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