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Woman Tells The Story Of How Her Weight Loss Almost Drove Her To Depression

The new year means new resolutions and for many people losing weight is the goal. But for Andie Mitchell, reaching her goal weight nearly drove her into depression.

Mitchell, 29, was addicted to food at the age of 20 when she decided to slim down from 300 pounds to 135.

In her new memoir, “It Was Me All Along,” the food blogger describes how her life became a prison of calorie-counting, cravings and self-consciousness until she found a comfortable weight, the Daily Mail reports.

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Mitchell put on weight in her early childhood. When her father died of a stroke at age 40, 12-year-old Mitchell quickly gained 27 pounds. A doctor predicted that she would weigh 300 pounds by the time she was 25.

“I was 268 pounds. This was a really scary moment for me. Terrifying,” Mitchell told the New York Post. “I just saw that my dad was 350, I knew that there were future versions of me that were bigger and bigger. I was 20 years old. I didn't want to turn 21 having never felt good about myself.”

She decided to take control of her life and eventually lost 135 pounds by watching what she ate, counting calories and working out. She surpassed her goal weight by tipping the scales at 133 pounds. But Mitchell grew depressed, getting obsessed with eating healthy and exercise to maintain her new figure.

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“This was a very hard time for me,” she told the Post. “Food is fun. Food makes up some of my best memories, and now I was changing my relationship to food and it changed my relationship with everyone else. It led to depression. I was like, ‘This is me. I’ve changed.’ And it really hurt my family.”

Mitchell ultimately sought out therapy and professional guidance and she is now a healthy, and manageable, 150 pounds. She also created the food blog “Can You Stay For Dinner?” where she shares the struggles of keeping the weight off. In addition, she recently finished writing a cookbook that is scheduled to be published in 2016.

Watch Mitchell give a TEDx talkabout her struggles with food below:

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