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An Ingenious, Techno-Cool Yoga Mat

We love online workouts, but sometimes getting your laptop in a spot where you can see it (those darn finicky screens!) and still do the moves can be challenging. Well, Gaiam figured that mess out with the perfect techie solution: the Audio Yoga Mat. Designed with a small built-in speaker so you can work out or meditate while listening to your MP3 player or iPod, you can basically go anywhere with it (think travel, yoga at a park, etc.) and get in a workout. It’s genius!

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The mat is a nice quality, too, and what you would typically expect from a Gaiam yoga mat (sticky, good thickness, cute design, latex-free and affordable). My only small complaint is that I had to really crank up the speaker to hear my iPod, but that was pretty minor. I’d love to see them add a way for the yoga mat to also charge your iPod, but maybe that can be in the Audio 2.0 version.

With the mat, you also get a free instructional yoga workout featuring our fave yogi Rodney Yee. It’s seriously like having your own personal yoga instructor in the privacy of your home or when on the road. We love! —Jenn


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