Amputee Might Walk Again Thanks To Radical Surgery That Created New Knee Joint With Foot (Photos)


A British woman underwent groundbreaking surgery to create a new knee joint using her left foot.

Jordon Moody, of Hull, East Yorkshire, had her left thigh above the knee amputated after being diagnosed with bone cancer for a second time, Caters News reports.

The lower part of Moody’s leg was then moved up in the place of her thigh in a procedure called rotationplasty at the Royal Orthopedic Hospital, Birmingham.

"It was so scary, especially in light of the fact that the more times you get cancer, the less likely chemotherapy is going to work,” she told The Telegraph. “In all honesty, you just have the fear that you are going to die. It's there in the back of your mind all the time.”

Following the operation, the 22-year-old now has her toes twisted backwards and her heel facing forward.

The surgery was introduced by Dr. Van Nes in 1950 in Canada for children with congenital limb differences, according to The Telegraph.

"At first after the surgery, it was awkward-looking so it was a real shock,” Moody said. "It took some getting used it but now, it seems totally normal to me. They told me they could get rid of my thigh and use the bottom part of my leg to replace the top part and my foot would become my knee. They would have to turn it 180 degrees because of the way the foot bends so it would bend the same way as a knee.”

She was a performing arts student living in New York when doctors first informed her that she had cancer in her thigh.

Moody endured chemotherapy and surgery to remove the tumor and came back home to England to her parents Lieca and Ivory and two sisters Jem, 23, and Tanika, 16, after being given clearance.

But she was diagnosed with the disease again after suffering excruciating pain and was rushed to a hospital last year.

According to the Daily Mirror, doctors hope that the young woman will be able to walk, unaided again, before Christmas.

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Photo: WikiCommons


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