American University Professor Adrienne Pine Breastfeeds Sick Baby in Class

In late August at American University, anthropology professor Adrienne Pine brought her sick baby daughter to the first day of class and breastfed her while going over the syllabus for her 'Sex, Gender & Culture' course, reports the Washington Post.

The baby crawled on the classroom floor and, at one point, Pine had to retrieve a paper clip from the baby’s mouth and move her away from an electrical outlet.

When the baby got restless during the 75-minute class, Pine began breastfeeding her in front of 40 students, while still going over the syllabus.

Pine's students spread the news about the strange day of class on Twitter and Facebook.

After a student newspaper inquired about the incident, Pine wrote an online essay saying she was ”shocked and annoyed that this would be considered newsworthy“ and argued that her workplace was now ”a hostile environment.”

On Tuesday, university officials issued a statement that said in part: "For the sake of the child and the public health of the campus community, when faced with the challenge of caring for a sick child in the case where backup childcare is not available, a faculty member should take earned leave and arrange for someone else to cover the class, not bring a sick child into the classroom."


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