Ambulance Driver Brian McDaniel Tries to Sell Michael Jackson's Medical Records


Ambulance driver Brian McDaniel is trying to sell Michael Jackson's medical records, which document Jackson's medical treatment when he got burned during a 1984 Pepsi commercial (pictured).

McDaniel claims that he found the medical records in an envelope near a dumpster in a Culver City, California park in 2001, reports

At the time, McDaniel was working in real estate, but also collected cans and bottles out of dumpsters for recycling money.

In 1984, Jackson was treated at the Brotman Medical Center, about a mile from the Culver City park.

The records include three pages of medical information, seven pictures showing a scalp injury and a signed letter from Jackson releasing his medical records to his lawyers.

McDaniel tried to sell the medical records on a website last year, but the posting was pulled after outcry from Jackson fans and Jackson’s estate reps.

McDaniel claims the medical records document the painkillers that were given to Jackson and started the “trail leading to his drug addiction" and “is the incident that started the beginning of the end of the King of Pop.”

McDaniel never tried to sell the medical records when Jackson was alive.



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