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Amazing Audio: Virtually Mute Autistic Man Kyle Coleman Sings

An incredible story out of Great Britain, where a young man who hardly speaks because of autism, but who can somehow sing, has put out an album.

The Daily Mail reports that a couple of years ago the mother of 25-year-old Kyle Coleman took her son for music therapy, hoping it might help him in some way. He took to it right away.

"It became clear almost immediately that Kyle had a natural affinity with musical elements and could recreate his favorite songs on the keyboard with no prior musical knowledge," said music therapist Carine Kelley. "It is when he sings though that his songs come to life. His personality and emotion shine through in his singing and this has made it possible for us to develop a special relationship and for Kyle’s abilities and confidence to soar."

Kyle's mom brought him to a music studio, where they were so impressed, they suggested he cut an album. And now 18 months later, it is being released.

The album, "Kyle, Therefore I Am," will be available on April 2, on World Autism Day. Proceeds will go to the National Autistic Society.


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