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Amanda Gryce's Life is Being Destroyed by Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

Amanda Gryce suffers from permanent sexual arousal. Yes, that's a real thing.

Gryce's Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome, or PSAS, is a condition which causes her to have constant multiple orgasms at the drop of a hat.

According to The Daily Mail, the orgasms can happen anywhere and they can be triggered by just about anything imaginable, including loud music, driving in a car and even the ring of a cellphone. Gryce began suffering from PSAS when she was just 8 years old.

Last year, 39-year-old Gretchen Molannen, from Florida, killed herself after battling the condition for 16 years. This was not good news for Gryce, who sometimes has to masturbate up to 15 times in one day to get relief.

Although some might think that having this condition would be a blast, that is definitely not the case according to Gryce. “It is not pleasurable, you could say it has become a torture,” she said. “This condition controls your life completely and it is like living a nightmare.”

Gryce’s condition has intimidated a number of possible boyfriends and makes it very difficult for her just to get through the day.

“I can have 50 orgasms in one day and five or ten within an hour of each other. It happens when I'm with my friends or out in public and it's very embarrassing,” she said.

“It kills me inside. I just have to put on a smile and pretend that nothing's wrong. Orgasms are supposed to be a good feeling but I've had them every day for so long now that I'm living with constant fear and shame.”

In spite of her daily troubles, the young lady has resolved not to harm herself because of her condition.

“At my lowest points, I have thought about suicide but I had to reassure myself that I would never resort to something like that and that it wasn't going to happen to me.”

Source: The Daily Mail

Photo credit to Julie Fletcher / Barcroft Media


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