Alternative Gene Targeting; What’s Next in Health Care


Authors. Dr. S. Rashid, Homeopath and Dr. P.H. Kay, Molecular Pathologist.


In recent years, unprecedented advances have been made in the understanding of how our genetic blueprint, DNA, controls mind and body health and well-being.

New disease causing genes have been discovered. As a consequence, the pharmaceutical industry has turned its attention to developing a completely new generation of drugs aimed at interacting directly with and altering parts of our DNA that have been shown to cause disease. It will take decades before these new drugs are available.  Scientists involved in the development of gene targeting technology have been awarded the Nobel Prize.

Scientists have also discovered exciting new genes that play an important role in maintaining optimum health and promotion of nature’s super-health, hybrid vigour.

This brief review aims to help everyone understand a little more about the significance of recent genetic discoveries and how gene targeting technologies, including New Homeopathy and Homeovitality will impact on everyone’s health care in the future.


In 2003, one of the most ambitious scientific projects ever undertaken, sequencing of the human genetic blueprint (the Human Genome Project) was completed. As the project was progressing, it was thought that the resulting information would become the exclusive property of the pharmaceutical industry. Fortunately, towards completion of the project, President Clinton announced that because the information was so important to world health, it must be made freely available to everyone. So, since then, scientists worldwide have used this information to discover much more about the ways in which our genetic blueprint controls our health and well-being.

It is now known that the human genetic blueprint comprises just over three billion building blocks or nucleotides, the constituent molecules of DNA. There are basically four different types of nucleotide, referred to as G, C, T and A. Each of the four different nucleotides can be thought of as representing a four letter alphabet.  The sequence of these four nucleotide “letters” determines the properties of the genetic blueprint and whether it will help or harm us.

Every cell in the body (except red blood cells) contains two complete sets of the genetic blueprint, one from each parent.  It is now thought that the three billion or so nucleotides contain around 20,000 genes.  Most genes produce one or more protein molecules that guide our development from conception to death. It is not known how they do it yet because what each different gene does is known in only a few of them right now. Although their sequences are known, it will take decades before the function of each one of the 20,000 or so genes is completely understood.


Superfluous genes.

What is known now though is that, with respect to our health and well-being, some genes are far more important than others. For example, as well as finding many more disease causing genes, to their surprise, scientists have discovered about a hundred genes that do not seem to have any purpose at all and that we could well do without them.   

DNA repair genes.

It has also been found that there are over a hundred genes involved in repairing damaged DNA. It is not surprising that there are so many genes involved in DNA repair because there are many different ways in which it can be damaged. DNA is continually being damaged by exposure to cosmic radiation, ingested toxic substances from contaminated or burnt food, for example, infection and inflammation, spontaneous unavoidable and naturally occurring chemical alteration of DNA itself. In everyone, in each cell, at least a million DNA mutations need to be corrected on a daily basis. It is easy to understand how diseases such as cancer are much more common in people who have inherited defective DNA repair genes.

 When cells in the body replicate during development or to make new tissues, each of the two parental genetic blueprints, comprising over six billion nucleotides have to be faithfully reproduced  within a matter of hours, in correct sequence in each new cell so that the new cells work correctly.  Failure to repair damaged DNA or correct DNA replication mistakes results in increased susceptibility to cancer, premature aging and many other health and developmental problems.

Some genes help protect DNA from damage by ingested toxic substances by breaking them down soon after they have entered the bloodstream.  Other genes help to protect DNA from being damaged by absorbed toxins by stopping them from entering cells and reacting with DNA before they can be broken down.

It has been found that some anti-toxin genes work exceptionally well in some people, their DNA is highly protected from toxin damage. Unfortunately, most DNA protective genes are unable to distinguish between toxins and drugs. As a consequence many drugs such as those used in cancer treatment may be quite ineffective or even dangerous in people who have inherited genes that offer good protection against ingested toxins.

Other important discoveries.

Other genes have been found that play a critical role in cognitive functions such as memory, intelligence and attentiveness. Yet others have been identified that are very important for maintaining quality of life as we get older, helping to avoid diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and slowing down the aging process. Researchers have also identified genes that are involved in the most common form of premature hair loss in men.

Anti-cancer genes.

More recently, scientists at the University of Texas have identified a very important anti-cancer gene called KEAP1. It is reported to play a key role in arresting tumour progression.  

Genes and natural super-health.

Most people are unaware of one of the most exciting health care discoveries that has been made in the last few years, and that is that humans can enjoy different forms of nature’s super-health, hybrid vigour. It was often wrongly assumed that hybrid vigour would only occur in plants and animals.

Hybrid vigour is a completely natural biological process. It is the highest possible level of health, well-being, fertility, viability and disease protection that can be achieved naturally. Home gardeners are aware of the attributes of hybrid vigour because many plants that they grow have been developed as “hybrids”. Farmers worldwide rely heavily on the application of hybrid vigour to produce the healthiest and most productive crops and animals. The biologist Charles Darwin realised that nature had been developing hybrid vigour over millions of years to enable the healthiest of plants and animals to survive. Now the same type of natural super-health has been discovered in humans.

Just as in plants and animals, many different forms of hybrid vigour have been found in humans. One of the earliest examples of hybrid vigour in humans was reported about a decade ago. It was discovered that post-menopausal women had greater protection from bone fractures by a form of hybrid vigour involving a gene that promotes bone formation.

A few years later, researchers found that longevity and heart health were enhanced by a form of hybrid vigour involving the KL gene. After extensive studies, researchers at the University of Oklahoma have now discovered that the KL gene not only supports immunity and protects against rheumatoid arthritis, it also slows down the aging process, lowers blood pressure and keeps the kidneys healthy.

In another recent report it was shown that even death could be avoided by a type of hybrid vigour involving an immune response gene in patients following intensive care treatment.

In yet another example, scientists demonstrated that memory was enhanced by a form of hybrid vigour involving a gene that controlled brain function and that severe depression can be relieved naturally by a genetically controlled form of hybrid vigour. 

There have also been other exciting reports of hybrid vigour in humans but the genes involved have yet to be determined.

Complexity of disease genetics.

Historically, health care has mostly been thought of in terms of restoration of health in those who suffer some form of disease.  For decades, much attention has been applied to the discovery of genes that cause ill-health and newer ways to alleviate disease. With regard to disease, scientists are discovering that similar disease symptoms can be caused by changes in quite different genes in different people. For example, a particular vital cellular function may depend on the interaction of a receptor on the surface of the cell with a specific hormone. Loss of that cell’s vital function, manifest by disease, can be brought about by either a deficiency of the hormone or malfunction of its cell surface receptor; two completely different gene controlled biological defects resulting in exactly the same disease symptom. Two completely different gene targeting drugs would need to be developed to counteract each of the two alternative disease causing genes.  

Gene mapping studies are beginning to reveal that there are different genetic types of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.  As a consequence, the pharmaceutical industry is turning its attention to the development of completely new types of drugs that are designed to target and modify the activity of specific genes that are directly involved in disease causation. The significance of these new pharmaceutical approaches is reflected by the fact that three international scientists have recently been awarded the Nobel Prize for their pioneering work in the development of gene targeting technology. It will be decades though before their work is translated into new gene targeting therapeutics.


Health optimization.

In the light of recent genetic discoveries, it now becomes possible to enable everyone to optimize their health and well-being and protect themselves against disease by targeting parts of their genetic blueprint that have been found to support mind and body health and well-being as well as promoting different forms of hybrid vigour, nature’s super- health. So, how can that be done without pharmacological intervention?

After years of research, the revolutionary health promoting system, Homeovitality was developed by Dr. Peter H. Kay so that consumers could live a longer and happier life by taking advantage of some of the most important scientific discoveries that affect mind and body health and well-being right now.

Homeovitality, how?

The Homeovitality system is based on the merging of important health promoting genetic discoveries associated with the proven principles of Dr. B. Marichal’s highly specific gene targeting technology called New Homeopathy (in which he uses highly diluted DNA molecules to target immune response genes) and the biology of natural super-health.  Using sophisticated molecular biological techniques, scientists have now confirmed that highly diluted molecules, including DNA, that are used in Homeopathy  and New Homeopathy, do have the capacity to co-operate with our DNA and activate genes that combat disease (seeSunila  et al. Dynamized preparations in cell culture. Evidence-Based Comp. Alt. Med. 6:257-263. 2009).


It is important to understand that, unlike the new breed of DNA interactive drugs, New Homeopathic remedies as well as Homeovitality products do not in any way interfere with the pattern of DNA that we inherit from our parents, they simply help it to work better. It is reassuring to know that ingestion of the small amount of DNA used in New Homeopathic remedies and Homeovitality products is perfectly safe because most people ingest far greater amounts of foreign and mutated DNA from our food every day without ill-effect.  In fact, consumption of foreign DNA is very beneficial. Why, because all DNA, irrespective of its origin, is eventually broken down during the digestion process into the four basic building blocks or nucleotides. The basic building blocks are then be absorbed into the bloodstream to help make new DNA and maintain health. In fact, individual nucleotides are included in some health foods for the very purpose of making new DNA and providing energy.

Homeovitality products have been designed to target only genes that promote health and support natural super-health. Therefore, in contrast to Homeopathic remedies, there are no aggravations.

Because Homeovitality products have been scientifically formulated to support separate independent beneficial genetic systems, all of them can be taken safely at the same time.

The Homeovitality products.

Thus far there are four Homeovitality products. They are designed to target genes that help people to live longer happier lives, lose weight more effectively, slow down the aging process, improve intelligence and IQ, reduce bone fractures, especially in post-menopausal women, reduce the likelihood of heart disease, lower blood pressure, keep kidneys healthy, improve cell mediated immunity in older people and protect against development of rheumatoid arthritis. Preliminary evidence also suggests that the Homeovitality product HoV-KLO may also help to protect against cancer.

Genetic pre-disposition to weight gain.

It is now known why most people find it difficult to stop gaining weight. It is because most of us have inherited a sluggish ancestral ADP gene. The sluggish ADP gene helped our ancestors to store fat more efficiently so that they could survive much better in times of famine. Now, for the first time in human history, in parts of the world where refined food has become plentiful, the sluggish ADP gene has become a major health hazard because it has  also predisposes to obesity, development of late onset diabetes and heart disease.  Homeovitality Super Weight Loss is designed to compensate for the sluggishness of our ancestral fat storage gene.


Scientific investigations have shown that the activity of one of the most important health promoting genes, KL declines with age. KL is an efficient anti-aging gene. It also promotes heart health, controls blood pressure and stabilises parts of the immune system that protect against development of rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore everyone would benefit from Homeovitality Super Heart as they age because it has been designed to target the KL gene. 

New products will be added to the Homeovitality range in the future as new health or welfare related discoveries come to light. Currently, a further new product is being developed to help combat premature hair loss and another which targets a newly discovered gene that extends lifespan and protects against cancer.

Although Homeovitality products were not originally designed to remedy disease, as a spin off, some of the genes that are targeted have now been found to have important curative properties that can be used to great advantage by practitioners.  They were not developed to be pharmaceutical in nature. However, Homeovitality products may be used to afford comfort to those who suffer ill-health.


Homeovitality products are manufactured in compliance with standards set down by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in an Australian laboratory licensed by the Australian Department of Health, (TGA Licence No 50725) to produce herbal and homoeopathic medicines to a GMP standard accepted by the World Health Organisation.


Homeovitality products may be obtained from practitioners and online by visiting

1st Nov., 2010.


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