Allergic to Peanuts or Shellfish? Watch Out for X-Ray Dye


If you are about to have an x ray that involves x ray dye, please read on…

On arrival at the radiologist’s I told them I was severely allergic to Nuts so would x ray dye be safe, the answer I got was “Yes, if I was allergic to shellfish then they would be concerned” So off we went for the x ray, as soon as they started injecting me I started sneezing and coughing, then my chest felt as if someone was sitting on me, I looked at the lady and said I’m having an allergic reaction they need to stop, within seconds my face was swelling, I had hives all over me and I was getting more and more wheezy, they immediacy injected me with an anti-histamine followed by some steroids which started to work.

This is the first attack I have had for years and I forgot how scary it is and how quickly things start to happen.

If you are about to have an  x ray that will involve x ray dye then please ensure that you have the x ray taken in a hospital, not like they are here in Australia where they are privately owned so you aren’t anywhere near a hospital.

I have tried doing some research on the dye to find out what exactly is in it, but I can’t find anything, if I do I will keep you all posted.


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