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Alleged Rapist, Kidnapper Eric Lee Ramsey Posts He's 'About to Get Shot' on Facebook Shortly Before Death

After allegedly kidnapping, raping and attempting to kill a student from Central Michigan University, Eric Lee Ramsey posted to Facebook that he was "about to get shot" moments before he actually was shot and killed by a police officer.

According to the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department, Ramsey, 30, abducted a female student at gunpoint Wednesday night in the parking lot of the Student Activities Center of Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Mich. He forced the woman into her SUV and forced her to drive to an off-campus residence, which evidently belongs to Ramsey’s mother.

At the residence, Ramsey allegedly bound the woman and raped her, then forced the victim back into the car. Ramsey had taken two cans of gasoline with him from the residence, but after he told the woman he planned to kill her, she jumped from the moving vehicle, ran to the closest house and called 911.

Ramsey then poured the gasoline over the house his victim had taken refuge in and set it on fire before jumping back in the SUV and driving off. The fire, luckily, caused only minimal damage.

Soon, the local police were able to catch up with Ramsey, and sometime during the pursuit — which involved Ramsey crashing into two police cars and, at one point, Ramsey jumping from the SUV and stealing a sanitation truck — he had time to post to Facebook a quick goodbye to his friends.

“Well folks, I’m about to get to get shot. Peace,” he posted.

He also wrote on a friend’s Facebook wall: “It's been real, bro, wish I could have hung with you once last time. Love you, brother.”

The posts were made around 3:15 a.m., according to CNN, and Ramsey was shot and killed by a police officer who opened fire shortly after that.

The victim is safe at home with her family, according to police. 


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