All that Caffeine May be Making You Tired


Many people must start the day with a steaming cup of coffee, needing the caffeine to wake up. Well, it turns out all that caffeine may be making you even more tired.

Nutrition expert Cheryl Keaney writes in The Times Herald of Ohio that caffeine can cause adrenal fatigue, which makes people tired.

Caffeine causes the adrenal gland to produce adrenalin, which is what gives you that boost of energy. The problem is that is wears off in a matter of hours, leaving you wanting more.

Keaney writes:

Caffeine addiction may seem like a pretty harmless addiction, but its toll on your health and energy levels can do more harm than you may realize.

Then there is the sugar issue. Caffeine initially increases your blood sugar level, but when it wears off, you are left with a lowered level.

So now you are craving sugar in addiction to more caffeine.

In the long run, a high-sugar and high-caffeine consumption can end up leaving you twice as tired and twice as likely to experience the consequences of adrenal fatigue.

Keaney says that studies have shown as little as a travel mug of coffee a day can start producing withdrawal effects.

The best advice is just to be careful how much caffeine you are digesting. What seems like a harmless vice could really do some serious damage to your body.

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