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Alicia Richman Pumps 86 Gallons of Breast Milk for Charity, Sets World Record

Alicia Richman, of Granbury, Texas, pumped over 86 gallons between June 2011 and March 2012 to donate to The Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas, a nonprofit charity that supplies neonatal intensive care units.

Her amazing pumping also earned her a Guinness World Record.

She told CBS Dallas: "I pumped at work, on vacations, in the car. And I never had to buy formula. I feel like God blessed me with plenty of milk and I need to do something special with it. There's a need for it, little babies everywhere are sick and they need breast milk to survive, and I wanted to give them that."

Richman began donating shortly after giving birth to her son, now 19 months, after she had managed to fill two freezers with pumped milk.

Amy Vickers, Director of The Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas, told CBS Dallas: "Three ounces of donor human milk could be as much as nine feedings for a premature baby."

Richman, who exceeded the existing record by 23 gallons, plans to break her record when she has her second child.


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