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Ali Vincent: How Biggest Loser Won My Life Back—with Giveaway!

I love it when I read a weight-loss story where someone really gets it. Where they admit to how difficult the process is sometimes, but they just keep going and really change their life. It’s inspiring, motivational and it continues to remind me why we should all make today the best day of our lives. Well, Ali Vincent—you may remember her as The Biggest Loser’s first female winner!—does that and more in her book Believe It, Be It: How Being the Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life.

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I had this book on my bedside table for about a month and each night before bed, I’d be excited to read a few pages. Ali goes into detail about her time at the ranch, giving you a truly behind-the-scenes peek at what goes on during the challenges and the training sessions and the workouts—all of it. She also gives you back-history on her childhood and her sometimes tumultuous relationship with her mother, Bette-Sue, who was also on the reality TV show. Ali shares what had been holding her back and what it took to go from 234 pounds to 122 pounds. Namely, it took time, self discovery, commitment, honesty, focus and an unwavering belief that if you “Believe it, you’ll be it.”

What I love most about the book is that, sure, you learn how much she worked out (a LOT) and what she ate (clean, clean foods), but you get into the mind of a champion. And a winner doesn’t just think they can win, they know that they will. There’s a huge difference in thinking about something, wanting something, and believing that you’re going to get it. Ali believed, took action and did the darn thing. And for that, we love her! She’s a true Fit Bottomed Girl role model.

If you’d like to be as inspired with this book as I was, leave a comment with why you’d like to have it on your beside table. We’ll select one random U.S. commenter to win next week! —Jenn


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