Aleisha Hunter, 3: Youngest Breast Cancer Victim

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Unbelievable news out of Canada -- a three-year-old girl is reportedly the youngest-ever victim of breast cancer.

According to a report on in Canada, when Aleisha Hunter was two, her mother noticed a lump on the left side of her chest. Tests turned up nothing.

But then over the next year, the lump got bigger and grew purple. Last May Melanie Hunter took Aleisha to a hospital in Toronto where doctors diagnosed her with secretory breast carcinoma. They performed a full mastectomy on the little girl in June.

“It went really well. She did really well,” Melanie said. “As soon as she had the tubes out, she was up and running around.”

Tests of lymph nodes showed the cancer did not spread, so Aleisha didn't need chemotherapy.

"I know I had cancer in my booby and that the doctors made it better," Aleisha told the London's Daily Mail, which also reported the story. "I know that cancer can make some people go to heaven, but I am better now."

While Aleisha seems to be taking it all in stride, doctors are still stunned.

"We were so shocked when the diagnosis was made," said her surgeon Dr. Nancy Down. "I've been dealing with breast cancer cases for 25 years and have never come across a patient this young. She is the youngest known case in the world."

The previous youngest known breast cancer victim is Hannah Powell-Auslam from California, who was 10 years old when she was diagnosed in 2008.


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