Albuquerque Anti-Abortion Group Erects Graphic “Billboard”


Parents may want to shield their children’s eyes while driving down the streets of Albuquerque. Anti-abortion group Created Equal has started a new campaign to spread their cause, and is posting pictures of aborted fetuses on a moving “billboard” plastered to the side of a truck.

The group plans to drive this truck through the streets until the November 19 election to support a bill that would ban late-term abortions.

"If the photographic evidence of the injustice of abortion doesn't motive the pro-life vote, nothing will," said Mark Harrington, executive director of the group.

A similar measure was taken in June, when anti-abortion activist Bill Shaver drove his truck around with enlarged images of dead fetuses. He often parked near an abortion clinic in protest.

Said Shaver at the time, “This just shows what abortion is. It shows the reality of what abortion is. It also restores meaning to the word abortion."
"As far as late-term abortion is concerned, Albuquerque is the capital for the United States just because it's drawing people from all over the country," Shaver also said.

Kathy Foy, who was trying to find a place to park her car and eat lunch, was disgusted by the display. “I looked up and I saw that truck," she said. "It needs to stay between a woman and her doctor. It shouldn't be on a van on the street in a public place like this."

The latest moving billboard comes shortly after a campaign from Respect ABQ Women, an organization fighting the proposed ban. The group has released a video of a woman named Christie Brooks, who “found out her child would suffocate and die if she carried her pregnancy to term.” Brooks was then forced with the choice of terminating her pregnancy or undergoing labor, which would cause more suffering, and ultimately the death of her child.

Like Created Equal, Respect ABQ Women will be campaigning until the election has ended.

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