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Alberto Flores Ramirez Charged with Raping Woman During "Spiritual Cleansing"

A Los Angeles man who was arrested in April for raping a woman under the pretense of performing a new age “spiritual cleansing” has been charged with a second sexual assault accomplished under the same circumstances.

The 36-year-old Alberto Flores Ramirez allegedly targeted his first rape victim through an internet dating site. He lured her to the Aloha Motel in Santa Ana, California, with promises that he could reunite her with her children in Mexico.

According to the victim’s account, Ramirez said he needed to perform a “spiritual cleansing on her to get rid of her negative vibes.” Ramirez then proceeded to slather his victim in raw eggs just before fondling and ultimately raping her.

After seeing coverage of the arrest on a Spanish language TV station, a second victim came forward with a similar story. She too was allegedly lured to a motel by Ramirez and subjected to his raw egg spiritual cleansing routine. Ramirez also doused the second victim in ammonia, which caused her to become dizzy and confused making the sexual assault easier to perpetrate.

"It's really strange and it's really unfortunate because he seems like he's preying on women that have had bad luck with men in the past or emotional issues in their lives," Deputy District Attorney Whitney Bokosky told the LA Times. "They think he's going to help them.”

Ramirez has been charged with two counts of forcible rape, forcible oral copulation, attempted forcible oral copulation and penetration by a foreign object by force. He faces a maximum potential sentence of 75 years to life.


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