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Alaskan Family Battles With State Over Son's Hospital Visitation Rights

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An Alaskan family is currently entrenched in a custody battle against the state’s Adult Protective Services. According to Lorraine Bohn, the government agency is blocking her and her family from visiting their son Bret in the hospital where he has been for several months.  

Bret has a long and complicated medical history, but Lorraine Bohn claims she took her son to Providence Hospital after a week of sleeplessness following a nasal polyp removal surgery last October. Despite being prescribed medicine and sent home, Bret’s conditioned worsened and he had to return to the hospital. According to KTUU, Bret began acting erratically and was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that attacks his brain. When the Bohns expressed their intent to make a decision regarding his health and medical treatment, “a court case was opened and a judge ruled against the family.”

The details of the court case are murky, but the state agency maintains that they would not overtake custody of an individual without the proper reasoning. The Bohn family claims that they are going to continue attempting to regain visiting rights to their son. They maintain that Bret is still being held at the hospital, although the hospital refuses to comment on the case. 

The Bohn case closely mirrors that of the Pelletiers, a Connecticut family who has been in a widely-publicized legal battle with state agencies in order to regain custody of their daughter Justina, who is being held at a Massachusetts hospital. Although the family is permitted one visit per week, the girl is currently being moved yet another time to a location further from their home, the Boston Globe reports.


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