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Alarming Rate of Unvaccinated Children in California

The rate of unvaccinated kindergartners in California jumped from 5 percent in 2007 to 11 percent in 2014, which has contributed to a resurgence of the measles and whooping cough in the Golden State.

The website recently published more extensive info about California kindergartners and their school districts (with an interactive map) based upon numbers from the California Department of Public Health.

While children are supposed to be vaccinated to attend a public or private schools, their parents can get an exemption based on their personal beliefs, which they seem to be doing quite often in California.

According to, a staggering 50 percent (or more) kids have not had all their vaccinations in 22 school districts. In eight school districts, more than 50 percent of kindergartners are not up to date on their vaccinations because their parents object. A whopping 77 percent of children at Big Sur Charter schools do not have all their vaccinations because of their parents' beliefs, noted

The Hollywood Reporter reported earlier this year that even wealthy parents in Los Angeles County are not having their children vaccinated and some schools’ vaccination rates are the same as the South Sudan, which has some of the worst health numbers in the world.

As a result, nearly 8,000 cases of whooping cough have been reported this year to California's Department of Public Health. So far, there have been 1,317 cases of whooping cough in Los Angeles County.

“A number of [children] have been in the ICU and very, very sick,” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles infectious disease specialist Dr. Jeffrey Bender told The Hollywood Reporter. “They cough so hard, it turns into vomiting and broken ribs; they end up intubated, to ventilate their lungs."

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter,, California Department of Public Health, Wikipedia (Image Credit: Jim Gathany)


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