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Alabama Official Links Gay Marriage To Measles Outbreak (Video)

The Alabama Public Service Commission announced today that it opposes U.S. District Judge Ginny Granade's ruling on Jan. 23 that struck down the state's Sanctity of Marriage Amendment, which banned gay marriage in 2006.

"Recently a federal district judge in Mobile ordered that a constitutional amendment passed in Alabama by 81 percent of the people who voted is unconstitutional," stated Commissioner Chip Beeker, noted (video below).

"I say clearly that I support Gov. Robert Bentley, Chief Justice Roy Moore and other officials who have taken a stand against this usurpation of the rights of Alabamians. But this order must be viewed for what it is, just another example of the federal government's overreach and refusal to respect its proper role," added Beeker.

However, the Supremacy Clause in the U.S. Constitution gives the federal government, including courts, power over the states.

According to, Beeker also tried to link gay marriage to the "moral decline" of the country, which included "teen pregnancy" and the measles outbreak.

“Just this morning, it was reported that a daycare located inside a public school has been closed due to the threat of a measles outbreak,” stated Beeker. “A daycare inside a public school. That kind of thing unthinkable a generation ago is common in some parts of our country.”

Image Credit: Estillbham


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