Alabama Mother 'Humiliated' After Being Confronted For Breastfeeding In Dentist's Office


A young mother in Alabama was left “humiliated” after being confronted while breastfeeding her son at a dentist’s office.

Taylor Chaice Buzbee visited her local dentist on Thursday after suffering from a toothache, and brought her 9-month-old son with her. Employees at the office gave Buzbee permission to bring her son in the room with her during her examination, and, about halfway through, he began to get hungry.

“He started getting a little fussy,” she said. “I don't nurse in public, and I never have because I hear these stories about people being shamed ... I don't do well with being confronted, so I usually find another room to go to.”

Unfortunately, Buzbee had no other option but to breastfeed her son in the office. The hygienists reportedly didn’t have a problem with the mother feeding her son in the office, with one even offering to leave the room and come back when she finished.

Later, however, the dentist and an assistant came in the room and informed Buzbee that she wasn’t allowed to feed her son in the office. She was again left alone, only to be told a second time by the dentist’s assistant not to breastfeed.

“I was put in a situation where my son comes first,” she said. “I was doing what my son needed. If he's hungry, I'm going to feed him." According to Buzbee, the assistant took her son from her arms at one point during the examination.

“I have never felt so humiliated in my life,” she said. “That was my biggest concern. Don't take him out of my arms. It was a situation where I was humiliated, I was crying, and I felt just embarrassed to be there."

Kasey Pickett, the director of communications for Aspen Dental Management, said they were looking into the incident and would respond accordingly.

“I called Ms. Buzbee this evening and personally apologized to her for her experience — no nursing mother should ever be made to feel uncomfortable while feeding her child,” Pickett said. “We at Aspen Dental Management, Inc., and the Aspen Dental practices we support take this matter very seriously. We are reviewing what happened today and will take appropriate steps to ensure every patient who visits an Aspen Dental practice feels comfortable during their visit.”

Breastfeeding in public places is a controversial practice that has been the subject of objection and criticism from many across the country. Many mothers, however, have spoken out against the shame and embarrassment felt by mothers who breastfeed in public, including Canadian mother Kristen Hilderman, who made headlines earlier this year when she took to Twitter to voice her outrage over being shamed for breastfeeding while on a flight to Vancouver from Houston, Texas.

Sources: AL.com, Road Warrior Voices

Photo Credit: al.com


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