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Alabama Doctor Says She'll Disobey Statewide Abortion Ban By Still Giving Abortions (Video)

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The medical director of the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives, Dr. Yashica Robinson, pledged to continue performing medical abortions despite Alabama's near-total ban against the procedure.

The doctor mentioned that she would not change her daily routine regardless of the legislation being enforced in six months’ time. She also added that she was enraged with the bill after knowing that medical abortion will be banned in nearly all cases, including rape and incest, all over the state.

"As a mother and a physician, this abortion ban is deeply personal. I carry both these identities with me as I care for women and honor their decisions to become parents or to terminate their pregnancies." Robinson wrote in a CNN op-ed.

She also expressed her disagreement with the law by stating that she was, indeed, angry with the politicians for being unable to see women as responsible decision makers.

"Of course, seeing the bill become a reality has taken its toll. I am angry at the politicians who do not see women as responsible decision makers and therefore, believe the care I provide should be outlawed. I am enraged that the state of Alabama would force me to choose between what is ethical and medically appropriate care, and breaking the law."

Robinson also added, “I am appalled that I could get a more severe penalty (up to 99 years in prison) for providing safe abortion care than someone who commits second-degree rape. And I hate that I am being placed in the position of reassuring my patients that abortion is still legal today -- and for the foreseeable future -- despite the actions of politicians in Birmingham.”

“I am frightened for Alabamians because, should this law ever go into effect, doctors like me will leave Alabama rather than stay and practice substandard medicine,” she said.

According to Robinson, the law will more likely push OB-GYNs to practice in other states, which will apparently result in inadequate care for women in Alabama.

Sources: New York Post / Photo Credit: CNN

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