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A.J. Marin Arrested for Writing Fact About Gov. Tom Corbett in Chalk on Sidewalk

Earlier this week we talked about Jeff Olson, who is facing 13 years in jail for writing anti-bank messages on a public sidewalk near a Bank of America in San Diego.

In a related story, health care activist, A.J. Marin, was arrested in Pennsylvania for writing on the sidewalk in chalk: “Governor Corbett has health insurance, we should too.”

The police citation says that Marin was charged with "disorderly conduct" for writing a “derogatory remark about the governor on the sidewalk,” reports Raging Chicken Press.

However, it is not clear how a true statement about Corbett is somehow "derogatory" and illegal.

Gov. Tom Corbett, R-Pa., has health insurance through a state-covered plan, but he opposes Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania, which would provide health care for 700,000 poor and uninsured residents. Obamacare would fund the expanded Medicaid program for the first three years.

According to Raging Chicken Press, a small group of Pennsylvanians staged a sit-in at the State Capitol on Wednesday. After the protestors were kicked out of the State Capitol, some of them protested outside the governor’s mansion.

That's when Marin was arrested for writing his factually-true statement about Corbett in chalk on the sidewalk.

Source: Raging Chicken Press


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