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Airport Soap Contained Bodily Fluids From Man

Airport Soap Contained Bodily Fluids From Man Promo Image

A Detroit airport was forced to remove soap dispensers from public bathrooms after discovering they had been contaminated with a mysterious body fluid.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport employees are removing the soap dispensers after what they call an "unusual substance" was found in the soap at several different restroom locations, WDIV-TV reported. The fluid was reported on Sept. 21.

The mystery substance has not been identified at this time because testing was not done. Sources said testing was not done because it was pretty apparent what the fluid was. Other officials ruled out saliva.

According to the Daily Mail, testing is currently being done to determine exactly what the mystery substance was. The substance, which some officials called "very disgusting," was found in some of the bathrooms at the North Terminal, but none in the McNamara Terminal, according to WDIV-TV.

All contaminated dispensers were replaced with tamper-proof dispensers. Investigators said the crime was nothing sinister, but said it was likely carried out by someone with ongoing access to the bathrooms who possibly had a grudge. It is unclear who that grudge could be against.

"Our public safety department is investigating an unusual substance found in a few of our soap dispensers last week," DTW said in a statement. "The Airport Authority takes incidents involving health and safety very seriously. We are in the process of installing new, tamper-resistant soap dispensers and are more frequently monitoring our restrooms."

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Traveler Matthew Demers told WJBK he was disgusted by the news.

"So I just used the men’s bathroom, I just washed my hands and coming to find this out -- it is a little disgusting," Demers told the news station.

"I don't even know how someone would find the time to do that," added Jamilia McClendon, who cleans the bathrooms at the airport. "You can see it is kind of busy around here right now."

McClendon said she doesn't believe the contamination was done by a passenger.

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"The way the soap dispensers are under the sink, a passenger wouldn't know how to get up under, and untwist them," she explained. "It really is disgusting. A lot of crazy things happen at the airport."

McClendon said the cleaning staff now has to take extra precaution when examining soap dispensers.

"(We) wash our hands in the break room before we come upstairs," she said. "Because there is no telling what's in there. We have to check them before we even get on the floor, each shift."

"I don't know what would go through someone's mind ever thinking about doing that," added Demers. "It's extremely disgusting."

Sources: WDIV-TV, Daily Mail, WJBK / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Max Pixel (2)

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