AIDS: Greatest Blunder in Medical History?


AIDS was the perfect storm due to various events that came together in the early 1980’s. The gay rights movement was getting underway and gays were demanding equal rights and rightfully so.

The first wave came about when gay men were using drugs such as poppers, crystal, amyl nitrites, and antibiotics which were detrimental to their immune systems. In the 1980’s, gay men ended up in the emergency rooms sick and dying. At that time, there wasn’t any question as to what caused this new problem. In the early days, it was labeled GRID for gay-related immune deficiency.

The second wave to come ashore was when Robert Gallo from the National Institute of Health, NIH, received samples from a Frenchman, Luc Montagnier. Gallo claimed this newly discovered retrovirus to be his own work and nearly caused an international incident over this. Later, Gallo and Montagnier agreed to split the lucrative, HIV Antibody Test profits.

By this time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, had changed the name from GRID to AIDS, acquired immune deficiency syndrome. HIV is a harmless passenger retrovirus which has never been properly isolated according to the classic rules of virology. Even if it had, retroviruses are benign parasites that are neither pathogenic nor carcinogenic.

On 24 April 1984, a news conference was held at the NIH and it was announced that the “probable” cause of AIDS had been found. From that point on, the “probable” was dropped and most people believed that HIV caused AIDS. Although, Gallo had not published his work nor had his work peer reviewed.

The third wave came ashore at the Food and Drug Administration when it allowed Azidothymidine (AZT), a failed chemotherapy drug from 1964, to be given to already immune compromised AIDS patients. AZT was so toxic that it was never prescribed to cancer patients. Nearly every patient who took AZT in the 1980’s died due to its high dosage and toxicity.

Although, AZT is now given in smaller doses, it is a DNA terminator and is on the cancer-causing list. This was a racket because AZT was killing the patients but their deaths were blamed on the “illusive” virus that can’t be found in anyone’s blood. Next, the funding started rolling in for HIV, an unproven virus, and has been so ever since. To date, not one epidemiology study has ever been done that proves HIV causes AIDS.

The final wave to come ashore was when the CDC changed the AIDS criteria by adding cd4’s to the mix. Now, having cd4’s under 200, meant that one had AIDS, whether HIV positive or HIV negative.  Many are surprised to learn that there are HIV negative cases of AIDS.

Overnight the AIDS cases in America doubled and in some years tripled. Cd4’s are not the best yardstick to gage one’s health as they bounce all over the place and many things such as bacterial and viral infections, pregnancy, malnutrition, sepsis, exercising, etc. and even the time of day may affect them. Olympic athletes, who are at the top of their game, have been known to have low cd4’s.

Many HIV positives could walk across the border to Canada and no longer have AIDS as Canada does not recognize the cd4 criteria for diagnosing AIDS. In fact, we are the only country that uses the cd4 criteria for an AIDS diagnosis.

There are many misconceptions about AIDS. It is not a new disease but a collection of 29 old diseases that were on the planet prior to 1984; there isn’t any scientific proof that HIV causes AIDS; HIV tests do not detect an actual virus; the AIDS test is not accurate as 70 things can cause a false positive; the antigen or protein tests can cross-react with other diseases; test results vary from country to country and even from lab to lab; and the HIV tests are incapable of determining if one is infected with HIV.

There aren’t any studies which prove HIV is sexually transmitted. Dr. Kevin de Cock, head of the World Health Organization Department of AIDS stated, “Threat of world AIDS pandemic among heterosexuals is over. A 25 year health campaign was misplaced outside of the continent of Africa.” This makes no sense as AIDS cannot be a sexual disease in one country and not in another.

AIDS in Africa is based on a point system (the Bangui definition for AIDS) given to various diseases. When 12 points is reached, then an AIDS diagnosis is given. Nevertheless, malaria, TB, and malnutrition are more prevalent in Africa than AIDS, which isn’t the leading cause of death in Africa.  Actually, the population of Africa is growing.

The problem with HIV tests in the civilized world is that there isn’t a test for the actual virus. They all are for antibodies and having antibodies in life used to be a good thing, except in this case. The CDC claims that antibodies are synonymous with infection but they have never referenced any scientific study that supports their claim.

When researchers searched for the HIV retrovirus in patients’ blood using electron microscope, they never could find it. Isolation of a virus requires electro micrograph of pure viral particles. This has never been done with HIV. The PH Miracle Living Foundation in cooperation with Alive and Well offers a $1,000,000 reward for the isolation of HIV. To date, no one has claimed this money.

Every HIV test comes with disclaimer, yet physicians use these flawed tests to tell patients that they are infected with HIV. This is the Abbott Labs disclaimer; “At present there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence or absence of antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 in human blood.”

The “viral load” test does not measure the HIV virus. It is a mathematical equation based on a very inaccurate estimate of the number of occurrences  (3%) of what is believed to be HIV genome. Dr. David Rasnick, member of the South African Government Advisory Panel on AIDS, stated that 99.8 % of what the viral load test measures is non-infectious virus particles.

Don’t take the HIV tests because they are not accurate, specific, standardized orvalidated.  Dr. Valendar Turner stated, “The AIDS test is invalid and incapable of determining whether people are really infected with HIV.” How could a logical person conclude that HIV is in anyone?

The leading cause of deaths for AIDS patients is now liver failure, heart failure, and kidney failure, which are not among the 29 AIDS-defining diseases. In 2006 a ten year study with 22,000 patients, “HIV Treatment and Prognosis in Europe and North American In The First Decade of Highly Active Antiretroviral  Therapy,” revealed that antiretroviral drugs failed to increase HIV patients’ lifespan. Therefore, those who took the medicines didn’t live any longer than those who did not. In fact, patients’ risk of developing or dying from AIDS has actually increased.

Luc Montagnier in the documentary House of Numbers stated that HIV could be eliminated in a few weeks with a good immune system. He also claimed that it is possible to naturally get rid of HIV; it is important knowledge which is completely neglected. He went on to state that people always thing of drugs and vaccine.

When it comes to AIDS, one size does not fit all. AIDS is a multifactorial disease due to life-style issues such as drugs and alcohol, environmental issues, malnutrition, oxidative stress, and/or health issues. I believe that HIV is the biggest medical blunder in history because: there is no direct isolation (purification) of the virus, HIV has never been validated, HIV is not found in  patients’ blood, there isn’t a test for the actual virus, there hasn’t been one epidemiology study performed proving HIV causes AIDS, there isn’t any scientific proof that HIV is sexually transmitted, and HIV violates Koch’s Postulates in 3 ways.

AIDS isn’t in the top 15 leading cause of deaths in this country, yet this year, we will spent over 28.3 billion on AIDS, over 9,000,000 for HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS), and the President committed another $50 million for AIDS. Recent AIDS statistics revealed slightly over 10,000 deaths for AIDS in this country.  Ten times more people die each year from bedsores than die from AIDs. The flu or COPD or MRSA or hepatitis claims more lives each year than does AIDS.

We should not continue to pump billions into AIDS when there are many deserving diseases, especially rare diseases, which only receive pennies on the dollar. The Fair Foundation tracks various diseases and the money allotted for these diseases. Its goal is fair and equitable funding for all diseases.

Since over 3,000 scientists and highly-educated individuals question the HIV theory of AIDS and since this virus has remained for the most part in the original risk group and has not spread to the general population, it is high time that AIDS be re-evaluated.

We need to stop ruining peoples’ lives based on flawed science and tests; stop labeling people with a sexual and incurable disease; stop giving people toxic drugs for an unproven virus (especially pregnant women and the fetus); stop jailing people for having sex; stop denying people insurance; stop suicides over being labeled HIV positive; and stop this massive waste of our tax dollars.

The above excerpt is from AIDS: They Suckered Us and will be available April 2012. Noreen Martin had full-blown AIDS in 2003 and for over 6 years has not taken the AIDS medicines.


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