Dallas Student Who Came into Contact with Ebola Patient Goes to School Against Officials’ Orders


District officials have said that one of the five Dallas students who came into contact with an Ebola patient attended school for part of the day on Wednesday before being sent home.

The boy lives in an apartment where the Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, had been staying after his arrival in Dallas from Liberia.

On Tuesday, health officials told the family to keep the children out of school until the 21-day incubation period for the virus passes.

Ignoring this request, however, the boy showed up at Tasby Middle School.

Once the student was identified, “he was asked to go to the nurse’s office so that a parent could be contacted,” DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander said in an email. “During the limited time he was on campus, he showed no symptoms yesterday either.”

DISD spokesman Andre Riley said that none of the five students has shown any symptoms of having the Ebola virus. The five students, who have not been named, are to stay out of school for three weeks, during which time they will be monitored by Dallas County Health and Human Services.

The five students attend Conrad High School, Tasby Middle School, and Hotchkiss and Rogers elementary schools. Dallas News reports that these schools’ campuses saw a decline in attendance on Thursday; some parents took their children out of school early on Wednesday after learning about the five students.

The district is helping those five students keep up with their schoolwork while they remain in isolation at an apartment complex in the Vickery Meadow neighborhood.

One freshman, 14-year-old Angela Gandy, expressed concern over possible backlash against the children of African immigrants who live in the neighborhoods near Conrad.

“They’ve started to bully the African kids,” Gandy said.

“So many refugees are bullied around here for speaking different languages, doing things differently, and listening to different music. It’s not American music and they get made fun of,” Gandy said. “Now it’s getting worse because of Ebola.”

Sources: Dallas News, CNN, My Fox 8

Photo Sources: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, News Observer


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