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Afternoon Roundup: Get A Pap Test!

The March for Life; Florida introduces a bill to bar private insurance coverage of abortion; more good news on Medicaid coverage for family planning; and get a Pap!

  • The March for Life and related events this week, same as they ever were, are given a minor jumpstart by the presence of Reps. Mike Pence and Michelle Bachmann. Pence is out there with his colleagues calling for a stop to federal funding of abortion even though there is a law barring federal funding for abortion. When anti-choice politicians need to start recycling messages to push for laws that are already in existence, it may time to rethink the strategy.
  • The Palm Beach Post in Florida reacts to one state legislator's move to introduce a bill banning private insurance coverage of abortion care amidst a climate of economic challenge. The Opinion Staff writes, "Federal law already bars the use of public money to be spent directly on abortions, but this legislation would go much further. In fact, it probably would be unconstitutional. Either way, we think it’s no business of the Legislature."
  • Over at, experts explore some of the reasons for rising rates of HIV/AIDS among young women and girls of color. Unsurprisingly and yet of critical importance: young women don't think they are at risk and these groups also aren't making "the most noise" on a policy level so who is "perceived" to be at risk is different, in terms of decision makers, than who is actually at risk. Who do our prevention programs address? And how can we integrate HIV/AIDS services so that young women can access care in one place?


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