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Taco Bell And McDonald's Meals Look The Same After Sitting Out For Two Years

Two years ago, a Michigan-based doctor set out to show her patients what they were putting in their bodies when they ate fast food, and now, the results are shocking.

Dr. Jacqueline Vaughan, owner of Vaughan Chiropractic, decided to leave out two different fast food meals, one from McDonald’s and one from Taco Bell, at the start of 2013 to see how long it would take them to go bad. Now, two years later, Vaughan reveals that neither meal changed all that much.

“There's no smell from it, it's basically mummified. You can pick it up, turn it over and still see the cheese and pickle in the burger and the lettuce and cheese in the Taco Bell,” Vaughan told the Daily Mail. “Even in the summer when we get ants, the bugs won't go near it.”

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Yafan Zhang, a professor of food science at Wayne State University, told CBS Detroit that a preservative called calcium probinate is to blame for the food remaining unchanged after two years, and even though it seems disgusting, it’s actually safe and approved for use.

“These ingredients, they have potential to cause some inflammation in our stomachs … unless you eat a lot of this type of food everyday – then you will be okay,” Zhang said.

Vaughan says that they plan to leave the two meals sitting out in the open air “forever” and hope that the message they’re trying to convey will reach kids who loved fast food.

Sources:Daily Mail, Uproxx, CBS Detroit / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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