Woman Refuses Painkillers To Breastfeed Child (Photo)


A New Zealand mother refused painkillers after a severe car accident in order to breastfeed her child.

Danni Bett was on the way to her father's with her two-month-old daughter when the vehicle she was driving collided with a metal fence and was "basically totaled," as reported by Stuff.

"I remember switching the car off," Bett recalled, but she could not remember getting out of the car on her own. "People came running out of the building to see if I was OK. All I could say was, 'Get my baby out, she's in the car, get my baby.'"

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Bett’s daughter, Indi Nathan, had been sleeping at the time, but the turmoil caused her to wake up and cry.

"I was in so much shock [after the crash]," the mother continued. "The paramedics came and checked us both out and we jumped in the back of the ambulance."

Mother and daughter were taken to Christchurch Hospital. Although Bett felt a sharp pain travel throughout her neck, back, and hips, she only took aspirin. She did not want to ingest any strong painkillers because she needed to breastfeed her child.

"Wow..only takes [aspirin] so she can safely breastfeed!" wrote Aroha Sp on Stuff's Facebook page. "Hope for a speedy recovery for you."

Doctors and hospital staff informed Bett that she would not be able to feed Indi until after several tests had been completed. Over the course of four hours, various x-rays, ultrasounds, and medical tests were performed. Bett was also given a neck brace.

"I asked if I could feed her, but they said no and suggested a bottle, but I said 'Please, don't,'" Bett said.

When Bett was taken to her room, she could hear Indi crying. After some persistence, the nurse let Bett breastfeed the child while on the stretcher in the neck brace. A photo of the two was taken by the nurse, which Bett shared on Facebook.

"It was instant relief," Bett recalled. "I wanted her, I wanted to calm her. After a traumatic day as it is, to give her that [a bottle] would not be right. [Breastfeeding] is the best for her and I had that."

Sources: Stuff, Stuff/Facebook / Photo credit: Danni Bett/Facebook, Stuff

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