After 3,118 Attempts, Man Finally Has Health Insurance


Obtaining health insurance is not an easy task. Just ask Lew Garrett, an Ohio contractor who, after 3,118 attempts online and speaking with nearly 50 people, finally got health insurance.

Lew Garrett is a self-employed independent contractor whose insurance plan was amongst those being cancelled with the new Obamacare insurance changes, reports Yahoo News.  Knowing he needed to have health insurance, Garrett set out to secure a new policy through the site in October 2013.  

His quest led him to becoming one of the millions trying to log-on and sign-up on the website, without positive results. Garrett tried day and night without success. He thought it was his computer, so he tried another. The same problems occurred. He then decided to keep a log chronicling his progress, including how many times he tried and if he was actually able to speak with someone on the help line, reports WKYC.

“It was 3,118 attempts. I had spoken to 49 people and only three of which I would trust with my order at the McDonald's drive-through,” Garrett says.

On December 17, Garrett finally claimed success and had a health insurance plan in place. An email he received from the Federal Marketplace claimed he still had not signed up, but it proved to just be a glitch.  He called to make sure, and while there were a couple things wrong his insurance plan was in place.

Garrett's old plan cost him $500 a month.

"My new plan, which is much more encompassing than the last one, costs me a little more than $13 a month. It's truly affordable," Lew says.

His persistence seems to have paid off.


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