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Adult Diapers Selling To Young Adults, Market Expected To Explode (Video)

The Kimberly-Clark company is marketing its Depend Silhouette diapers to adults -- not elderly folks, but to middle-aged adults (video below).

“We’re trying to make the product more normal, and even fun, with real people in our ads saying, ‘Hey, I have bladder leakage, and it’s no big deal,’” Jay Gottleib, head of the company's adult and feminine-care market in North America, told Bloomberg Business.

Adult diaper sales by Kimberly-Clark and Procter & Gamble may exceed baby diapers over the next decade because toddlers grow out of diapers, but adults with bladder problems usually don't.

Bloomberg Business says the "bottom" line (no pun unintended) is that sales of these adult incontinence products are expected to grow 48 percent from 2015 to 2020, while baby diaper sales are expected to grow at only 2.6 percent.

Bladder control problems affect a quarter to a third of American adults, The Urology Care Foundation reports. The foundation also says that about 33 million of Americans have an overactive bladder.

The Mayo Clinic lists some of the possible causes of urinary incontinence as: pregnancy, childbirth, aging of the bladder, menopause, hysterectomy, enlarged prostate, prostate cancer and neurological conditions.

In an effort to make incontinence gear fashionable, Kimberly-Clark produced a rap music video featuring their employees wearing adult diapers who "drop their pants for underwareness."

The song's lyrics include: "How many people may need a different kind of underwear / Over 65 million / So we're dropping our pants for them."

Kimberly-Clark doesn’t have sales numbers available yet to show if their marketing plan towards middle-aged adults is working.

Kimberly-Clark started selling Poise Impressa bladder supports for ladies in 2015; that product can be worn internally to prevent leaks.

The company advertises the bladder supports to women who suffer from stress urinary incontinence, and says that can be caused by coughing, sneezing and dancing.

Sources: Bloomberg Business, Urology Care Foundation, Mayo Clinic / Photo Credit: Kimberly-Clark (Depend) via YouTube

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