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Ad Calling Health Reform Critics Extremists "Beneath Contempt"

“President Obama must really be desperate to stoop to smear tactics against opponents of his attempt to nationalize our health-care system,” Vision America President Dr. Rick Scarborough declared.

The Democratic National Committee is currently running a TV ad accusing those who dare to question the president’s 1,018-page blueprint for government take-over of health care a “Republican mob” of “right-wing extremists.”

Said Scarborough: “According to the president and DNC, if you’re a concerned citizen who asks his Congressman tough questions at a Town Hall Meeting, you’re a right-wing extremist. If you’re a senior worried about not being able to get hip-replacement surgery if the president’s plan is adopted, you’re a right-wing extremist. If you wonder how a government that can’t deliver the mail on time is going to manage an industry which constitutes one-sixth of our economy, you are a right-wing extremist. This is truly beneath contempt.”

“Obama is calling a plurality of Americans ‘right-wing extremists,’” the Vision America President declared. (According to a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll, only 36% of Americans support Obama-Care, while 42% oppose it.)

Scarborough said this latest ad hominem reminded him of Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano’s report warning that, along with Iraq war veterans, “extremists” who support gun ownership, oppose abortion and think taxes are too high are the coming terrorist threat to America.

“The message of the DNC/Obama ad is simple and straightforward: Don’t ask questions, Don’t read the fine print. Don’t peacefully protest. Just blindly support the president’s attempted takeover of health care,” Scarborough observed.

“Far from intimidating us, this character-assassination encourages us to re-double our efforts to defeat Obama-Care,” Scarborough said.


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