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Actress Kelli Williams Warns Against Plastic Surgery

Actress Kelli Williams is the last person you think would be speaking out against plastic surgery. After all, her father is a retired Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, and she herself had breast implants for a time. But here she is, warning women of the dangers.

"Growing up around that (cosmetic surgery) gave me a very nice life as a kid but certainly the idea of beauty in this town is not exactly what I enjoy, the "Lie to Me' star told the entertainment web site WENN. "The need for a lot of women to go under the knife is hard for me to handle."

Williams said while growing up, she often accompanied her father to work.

"I've watched every procedure my father has done in his office. There's a couple of procedures that made me squeamish, like implants and facelifts."

Yet it didn't stop her from getting breast implants herself when she was younger -- however, she had them removed when she was 22. Williams said women should weigh the risks of cosmetic surgery, especially in teenagers.

"I think you have to be very careful. It wasn't normal to be going to Beverly Hills High School and have kids come to school with various procedures done their sophomore year; I think that's a very dangerous thing to allow your children to do. People don't realize the long term effects of it and the upkeep and what it does to your body, particularly with implants."

But the 40-year-old Williams admits she understands why actresses, especially those on television in the age of high-definition, go under the knife as they age.

"HDTV is just awful, particularly to your face. It's very unfair, so you really have to rely that your DP (director of photography) is great and they know how to light you, because, in HD, you see lines that don't even exist in the shadows of real life!

"I'd much prefer to be lit in my horribly lit closet because I look better there than I do in HD. It's gonna make these women run to get fillers and it's just so awful for me because you look at your face when you start to get some lines and criticize that when it's beautiful. The catch-22 is you want to be hire-able and desirable and then this industry tells you what you should look like. If you're not careful you could start looking like a freaky person."


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