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Actor's Wife Stirs Controversy With Breast-Feeding Photo

Michael Beach, a television actor who is best known for his role as paramedic Monte ‘Doc’ Parker on the NBC’s "Third Watch," is sharing the spotlight with his wife, Elisha Wilson Beach, after she shared a photo on Instagram that stirred controversy. 

The photo features Elisha sitting on the toilet with her pants pulled down while breast-feeding her daughter, accompanied by the caption: “This is motherhood and it ain't always pretty. What's your #momtruth?,” followed by several hashtags. 

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Though the photo was uncontroversial on the photo-sharing site, it was later posted to the Facebook page Life of Dad, where it was met with both criticism and praise. The photo was shared more than 26,000 times and some people expressed disgust for breast-feeding while using the toilet.

Though most people empathized with the messy nature of parenthood, Facebook user Endrea Still Karma wrote: “That’s gross, I’m sure the little girl, who BTW is obviously standing and old enough to wait, can wait until the mom is done taking a dump or pee. I’m a 4 time breast-feeder and I never did this type of feeding. There is a time and place for everything!!! Just saying."

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In the comments section, Elisha defended herself. “I shared it on Instagram knowing that some people would think it's TMI but it's reality. Everybody complains that social media is full of people pretending to live picture perfect lives and I see so many mothers doubting themselves based on those photos,” she wrote. “Well this is reality and so many mothers are doing this exact thing right now. Motherhood ain't pretty but then that's what makes it so beautiful."

Sources: Instagram, Facebook, San Francisco Chronicle

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