Accident Witnesses More Focused on Lamar Odom than Dying Boy

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A disturbing report out of New York City, which claims witnesses to that fatal accident involving Lakers forward Lamar Odom were more focused on the NBA star than on the dying boy lying in the street.

Odom was a passenger in an SUV last Thursday that got into an accident that killed a teenager who was riding on a scooter. Now the New York Daily News is reporting that witnesses flocked to the uninjured Odom instead of 15-year-old Awsaf Islam.

"Everybody was paying attention to him. Nobody cared about the kid," said Adolfo Ramirez, 13, who witnessed the crash."

"It was messed up," 15-year-old witness Naldo Vasquez 15. "They got excited and were asking to take photos with him."

Police say a motorcycle clipped the SUV, which then spun out of control and hit Islam. The motorcycle rider remains in a hospital in stable condition. No charges have been filed, but police are still investigating.

Odom was reported to be "devastated" after hearing that Islam died of his injuries the day after the crash. A photo of Islam:

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