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'Abstinence' Speakers Tell HS Kids Vaginas Are Like Vacuum Cleaners, HPV Vaccine Works Only On Virgins

In 1972, a book called The Joy of Sex created a sensation, riding the Top 5 of the New York Times Bestseller List for 70 weeks, 11 at #1, with its explicit instructions on what seemed at the time like exotic sexual techniques and positions, complete with hand-drawn illustrations.

Though the material in Joy of Sex may seem rather tame today, to a generation reared on late-night cable TV and more recently, easily available online porn, high schools around the country have recently been trying to reset the clock to a time when even Joy of Sex would be considered wildly shocking.

Schools have been hiring “abstinence speakers” to come in and teach teenagers that sex is really bad and totally uncool.

Last week, we told you about one such speaker, Justin Lookadoo, who rattled the student body at Richardson High School outside of Dallas with his unconventional dating tips that included telling “dateable” girls to “shut up” in order to attract boys.

This week, Dana Liebelson, a writer for Mother Jones magazine, has helpfully compiled an anthology of statements delivered to high school kids by Lookadoo and other speakers, often at taxpayer expense.

Among the gems Liebelson turned up:

Shelly Donahue, a speaker with the Center For Relationship Education in Colorado, once told kids that sex is risky because even in cases where a male’s sperm does not reach its destination, a woman's vagina acts as a “little Hoover vacuum,” sucking up sperm from any nearby location and causing pregnancy.

She also tells kids that having sex takes them “further away from God.”

Then there is Pam Stenzel who, Liebelson reports, has told teenage girls that, “if you take birth control, your mother probably hates you.”  

Stenzel, like Donahue, is also prone to dispensing crackpot medical advice, telling girls that the vaccine against HPV—the Human papillomavirus that causes genital warts but can also lead to cancer and other diseases—“only works on virgins.”

Then of course there is Lookdaoo (pictured), who told his Dallas-area audience last week, “Girls, the reason it's so hard for you to succeed these days is not because of guys…You're doing it to yourselves.”

Some statements on Lookadoo’s web site, which he says he never discusses in schools, are what set off the controversy surrounding his talk. They include, “dateable girls know how to shut up.” And, "Men of God are wild…They keep women covered up.”

SOURCES: Mother Jones, Wikipedia


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