'Abortion Regret' Bill Would Allow Women to Sue Doctors for Ten Years After Abortion


For years, Republicans have tried to put an end to what they call "frivolous" medical malpractice lawsuits, which the GOP claims drives up prices for health care.

"We need to do something about these frivolous lawsuits that are running up the cost of your health care and running good docs out of business," President George W. Bush said in 2004, noted Perspectives.com.

However, a new bill proposed by an Iowa Republican would allow women to sue their doctors for having performed a legal abortion (with their consent) for up to ten years after the procedure.

According to Slate.com, the so-called  "abortion regret" bill is sponsored by Iowa State Rep. Greg Heartsill, Republican.

His bill would allow a woman who has not suffered any medical injury simply to decide that she’d made the wrong choice, and the doctor who performed the abortion would then have to pay fines and go to jail for "pain and suffering."

While some women do feel regret and anguish after an abortion, HF 2098 would create a new law based on negative emotional or mental reaction, grief, anxiety, or worry.

According to RHRealityCheck.org, the bill appears to be a way to intimidate doctors who provide abortions.

"First and foremost, it creates an entirely separate legal claim related only to abortions, despite the fact that any patient injured during an abortion can already sue for medical malpractice," the website reads.

Sources: RHRealityCheck.org, Slate.com, Perspectives.com


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