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Abortion Pill in Vending Machine at Shippensburg University

A small, relatively unknown university in Pennsylvania finds itself at the center of the birth control and abortion battle, after it was revealed that the so-called "abortion pill" is available in a campus vending machine.

The Associated Press reports that the Plan B One Step emergency contraceptive has actually been available in the machine at the health center at Shippensburg University for two years now, but word is just getting out now.

For $25, any student can get the "morning after" pill from the machine, which also dispenses condoms, pregnancy tests and various medications.

The pill is available without a prescription for anyone 17 years old or older. The school said all of its students are at least 17.

School spokesman Peter Gigliotti said the idea of putting the pills in the vending machine came from the students -- 85% of them responding to a survey a couple of years ago said they supported the idea.

"It's a way for students to get the help or care they need," he said in a statement.

"I think it's great that the school is giving us this option," junior Chelsea Wehking said. "I've heard some kids say they'd be too embarrassed (to buy it in a pharmacy)."

But pro-lifers don't think it is all that great.

"Students at Shippensburg University deserve better than to have their administration represent the potent drug with life-ending potential as no more harmful than any other vending machine item," said Anna Franzonello, counsel to Americans United For Life

The Food and Drug Administration confirmed on Tuesday that it is looking into the matter to make sure it complies with all laws.


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