A Send-off and a Welcome


Dear members of the RHRC community,

As you may have read this morning, Amie Newman, one of the pillars of RHRC since its founding, is moving on to the next chapter in her career as she takes a position with a major U.S. foundation.

We will miss her.

Amie writes on many topics, but her passions lie in birthing and midwifery.  It is therefore no small cosmic coincidence that she was present at the birth of RHRC.  With Scott Swenson, Brady Swenson, and others, she helped deliver, nurture, and "raise" RHRC as it grew into the respected daily publication it is today. 

Amie's work will endure here as we expand our work in the coming months and years and continue to cover those issues about which Amie is so passionate.  We will miss her wit, her passion, her laugh, and her rapid-fire posts.  But, like any solid family unit, these changes are bittersweet because we also know that while Amie leaves behind day-to-day engagement in the immediate RHRC family, we are also proud to have had and to be sending off another talented, dedicated, passionate individual to an esteemed foundation position.  When you hire and collaborate with great people, they will eventually move on to other great things. And we know Amie will continue to do great things.

At the same time that Amie is leaving, we also are welcoming Martha Kempner, a former vice president at the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS).  Martha is coming on board part-time to assist with management, fundraising, editorial oversight and to write.  She brings many skills to RHRC from which we know we will benefit greatly.  She also comes at a time when we are near to becoming an independent organization, about which we will write more soon.

For now, I want to wish Amie the very, very best of everything, knowing that in any case we will be in touch with her and hear from her in some form, and welcome Martha to the team.

Thanks to all of you for your deep and unrelenting dedication to our issues and to RHRC as a publication.



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