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Online Pill Identification Database: Great Idea, Needs Work

If you are like me with a few billion prescriptions around, you occasionally look at one of them and say "what is this one?" because it's in the wrong place - like on the bedside table all by itself. There is the easy way of starting to open prescription bottles and comparing it with the contents. Then sometimes a prescription changes - and you are going on the word of the pharmacy that it's the same thing....

Well, because of morons like me who can't keep organized, and mostly for the millions of people who call poison control centers, the NIH and FDA have decided to work together (yes, two government entities have joined forces) and develop an online pill identification database.

I checked it out, and my big complaint is that the search only narrowed when I put in the imprint... So if you saw your child put a yellow pill in his mouth, you would have a very wide list to sort through unless you knew which bottle it came out of.

But I think it's a darn good start - putting the information in the hands of the consumer.


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