Bully Victim Takes Revenge Through Bully's Children


Here is an article to show kids who bully others. From the Dear Prudence column:

I enrolled my two boys into an exclusive private school in our new hometown. At a school event I bumped into an attractive woman whom I didn't recognize. She came by and asked if I remember her. It turns out that she was someone I bullied in high school. After that day I noticed other moms slowly avoiding me. I think she must have told them about how I used to bully her. Eventually my boys started coming home, crying and upset that other kids wouldn't play with them. My younger son was not allowed to join a game of hockey during recess because another boy told him "my mom says your mom is a b***h".

They are now openly being ridiculed and ostracized at school by their peers. I asked to meet my former classmate and apologized for bullying her as I was young and stupid, although I don't much remember what I did. She smiled at me in a creepy way and said she went through therapy for what I put her through. I haven't told my husband about this woman because I'm a little ashamed at how I used to treat her. Putting my boys into another school is not a feasible option but I just don't know what to do.



So this woman's revenge on your long ago mistreatment of her is to lead her children in a campaign to ostracise and bully your children.  Boy, oh, boy does she need more therapy.  You're understandably ashamed of what you did and want to keep it quiet, but for the sake of your sons you need to tell your husband about it, and how your misdeeds are being revisited on your innocent boys.  Then the two of you need to get in touch with the school administration and get this issue addressed.  They should take immediate steps to stop the bullying of your sons.

But what may never stop is your own shunning. You have entered a Hollywood-ready high school revenge story.  Twenty years after your reign as a mean girl, you're going to find yourself black-balled at the school bake sales and rejected as class mother.  Even if you get the other kids to back off your boys, you've got a tough road ahead since now all the other mothers  know just how miserably you treated their friend.  Let's hope some parents will decide not to relive the worst of high school, understand people change,  and refuse to be drawn into this drama. Leading a campaign to have your children mistreated may eventually backfire on this other mother and she may find herself as the unpopular girl all over again.  Let's hope with some intervention, your sons' situation dramatically improves in the fall.  You say there is no other feasible option but this school,  but if all of you find yourselves isolated and unhappy there, there are always other choices.

Other readers echoed Prudie, but added that the bully mom does not sound remorseful. Also, if it really becomes uncomfortable for her, they suggested that she send her children to -- gasp! -- the public schools.

Awkward. Have you had to deal with the fallout of being bullied -- or being the bully? What do you think of Prudie's advice?


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