How Writer's Blockage Can Lead to Blissfulness


Writer's block, Emotional block and sometimes a Practice block. Have no clue where, what and how to begin.

What happens to our minds when we enter a stage of barriers, blocks or a saturation point? I have found myself standing on my mat and my body wont move. I find myself starring at my computer screen and my fingers wont type. I have a few windows open on my screen hoping a game of scrabble or something on the web would point me in some direction......

What I write does it have to have a moral value or something profound at the end? (I personally don't think so) but others may beg to differ. I write/release what flows through me or when I am in the mood. There have been days where I just don't want to face a computer and days where I cannot get away from it.

Similarly I have gone for days without doing my own personal practice. There are days when my yoga mat remains rolled up and my body blocked without movement.

Does a mental or physical barrier reflect an energy within that needs caring or letting go off or just an over worked or saturated mind or body? Are we pre-occupied hence denying our creative flows? 

When I dont practice my yoga I feel lethargic and the flow of energy within gets interrupted so to get out of this state I gently nudge myself into practice. But does it work the same for the mind?

Through this process of thinking I slipped into a state of light awareness (its an inital stage of meditation) and began to tune in and observe my mind and its working. The voices within were becoming faint but there were still there. I acknowledged those voices and with one long slow exhale I began to breathe them away. It took a few breaths for them to just disapper for a split second, and what I saw was amazing.... A BLANK SLATE or A GAP.

It was an achievement (no matter how tiny) for me. Seeing that gap for a split second was truly my progress in my practice of meditating but how does it relate to a writer's block or a body block you ask.

The mind is a complex quantity or thing. It has the ability to act, react  to situations and issues. It can control us or we can just surrender to it. Choice is the owner's. I can surrender to that mental barrier or let it consume me...... I surrendered and found my bliss even if it was for a split second

Hope this makes sense and if it does not, then never mind as it does to me! 


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