"Biggest Loser" Contestant Says TV Show Gave Her Eating Disorder

In previous posts, we’ve very publicly declared our love for The Biggest Loser, despite its unrealistic outcomes (we’ve also declared our love for this man). And, from that poll, it seems that on the whole, most of our readers agree that the show is inspiring. However, one former contestant has come out against the show in a way that goes beyond just unrealistic expectations.

Kai Hibbard, who lost 118 pounds on season three of The Biggest Loser, says some pretty damning things about the show. In a live interview with the blog Body Love Wellness, Kai questions the safety and respect of the contestants on the show, and she claims that the show gave her an eating disorder and severe body image issues.

Whoa. As someone who watches the show religiously, this has given me pause as to what I’m really supporting. While I love watching people train and change their lives, I am definitely not OK with going from obesity to being obsessed and tortured by food and exercise. Neither is a good nor healthy place to be.

Listen to Kai and judge for yourself.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments! —Jenn


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