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Cancer Costs to Increase by 66% in Within 10 Years?

This is ridiculous.

Studies are predicting between 39% - 66% increase in cancer costs by 2020.

The basis of their numbers make sense - aging population, increasing cancer rates, etc. We know about all that.

However all these breakthrough drugs that are now being used for treatment I would think would reach the end of their trade mark protection and generics would be available.

Obviously new breakthrough drugs will come through as well. But if there are more cases of cancer so more of the drugs would be needed, you would think that mass production would kick in sooner thus allowing drug companies to spread their development costs over more doses.

Drug companies say that new drugs are developed at a high cost and then are used to treat only very few. I don't buy it.

This is another example of how we need a new system to manage the costs of medications. Not just for cancer but for all diseases.


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