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94-Year-Old Vet Complains Of Pain In Abdomen, Gets Surprising Diagnosis (Photos)

A Chinese World War II veteran discovered he had a bullet stuck in his abdomen for 70 years — without even knowing he had been shot.

People's Daily Online reported 94-year-old Duan Zhicai went to a local hospital with abdominal pain. Doctors took X-rays to find the source of Zhicai's pain, leading them to discover a bullet lodged in the left side of his pelvis.

Zhicai, who fought against the Japanese in the second Sino-Japanese war in 1943 — as well as in the Korean War in 1950 — was shocked by the discovery. The vet reportedly told his family that he had no idea the bullet was inside him.

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Doctors say Zhicai was likely shot while in the prone position, as there was no bullet wound in his abdomen, reports Daily Mail. Doctors believe the bullet traveled upwards once inside Zhicai’s body and became stuck in the pelvis. 

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Though the bullet is around 1 inch long, doctors opted not to remove it due to Zhicai’s age.

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Sources: Daily MailPeople’s Daily Online

Photo Credit: Via Daily Mail


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