9-Year-Old Boy's Act Of Kindness For 7-Year-Old Cancer Survivor (Video)


Alyx Delaloye, a seven-year-old cancer survivor and hockey fan, was given a Winnipeg Jets souvenir hockey stick by nine-year-old Keaton Hamin on March 1, 2015, at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (video below).

"Right away my instinct knew I had to give it to Alyx," Hamin told CBC News. "I felt bad for her that she had cancer, and I wanted to give her a little support."

Alyx became a local celebrity after a Jumbotron camera at the MTS Centre filmed her and her sign that read, "Chemo by day ... Jets by night" at a previous game.

Alyx, who is fighting leukemia, was given tickets by the Jets to attend the March 1st game where she held up a sign that read: "Thank you everyone."

As in the previous game, she got an ovation from the crowd and recognition from the players.

However, to her great surprise, Keaton walked up and handed her a signed hockey stick that he was given by Tyler Myers, one of the Jets players.

Moments later, Alyx walked down to where Keaton was sitting and gave him a hug.

Ken Hamin, the boy's dad, gave Alyx and her mom, Jody Delaloye, tickets to an upcoming game.

According to GlobalNews.ca, the little girl was told that she had cancer in July 2014. She travels about 105 miles from Neepawa to Winnipeg to be treated with chemotherapy.

Delaloye does not work in order to care for her daughter, but the family has received donations from several sources.

Sources: CBC News, GlobalNews.ca / Photo Credit: CBC News via YouTube

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