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800-Pound Man Says He Was Kicked Out Of Hospital For Ordering Pizza (Video)

Steven Assanti, who weighs almost 800 pounds, says he was kicked out of Rhode Island Hospital in Providence for ordering a pizza (video below).

"I was supposed to stay there and lose all my weight," Assanti told NBC 10. "And get down to 550 to get the gastric bypass [surgery]. That was their plan."

The hospital would not comment.

Assanti's father, Steven Veillette, says his son can't come home because he will revert to his old eating habits, which would be a death sentence.

Assanti moved into the back of his dad's SUV, which his father has been driving around, trying to find a place that will take his overweight son.

On Oct. 6, Assanti stayed at Kent County Hospital in Warwick; Veillette is hoping his son can remain there for awhile.

However, there is more to this odd story.

Assanti, whose middle name is John, has been a social media star for years under the handle "FatBoyGetDown" on Facebook (where he is currently posting updates) and YouTube.

Father and son previously appeared on a "Dr. Phil" show (video below), which appears to be years old, where they explained their family problems.

Veillette said that he brought Assanti food to keep him quiet because his son would throw loud tantrums, which could get him (Veillette) thrown out of his home.

"Are you kidding me?" Dr. Phil exclaimed.

"That's what I did to get attention," Assanti admitted. "And to get my way."

Dr. Phil offered to get Assanti on a program to lose weight and get control of his life.

"And if you jack with me, I will fire you in a heartbeat," Dr. Phil told Assanti.

(Note: Interview begins at 4:00 mark)

Sources: NBC 10,Facebook, YouTube (2) / Photo Credit: NBC 10 Screenshot


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