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8 Years After Kidnapping, Mom & Baby to be Reunited

A Houston woman whose infant son was abducted eight years ago by his babysitter is set to be reunited with the boy after the kidnapper was finally arrested.

The New York Daily News reports that back in 2004 Auboni Champion-Morin reported her eight-month-old son missing. Suspicion immediately fell onto Krystle Tanner, his godmother and babysitter. However Tanner was nowhere to be found.

The case went cold and was closed two years later.

But last summer child welfare workers in San Augustine, Texas began investigating a family after receiving a tip that two children were being neglected. The woman, of course, was Tanner.

It took several months, but workers finally put the pieces together and linked her to the kidnapping. The 26-year-old Tanner was arrested on Monday and charged with kidnapping.

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Police say it appears Tanner did not take very good care of the boy. He never went to school, and one of the names she called him was "Dirty." 

Champion-Moran must undergo a DNA test to confirm that the boy is indeed her son. They could be reunited later this week.

"I want to hold him in my arms and let him know who I am," she said. "I hope he can feel the same thing I feel for him."


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